Brandon P. Hedrick

Functional Morphologist | Evolutionary Biologist | Paleontologist | Ecologist

Principal Investigator

Assistant Professor, LSUHSC Anatomy

Emory University B.S. 2010

University of Pennsylvania Ph.D. 2015


University of Massachusetts (Dumont Lab)

Harvard University (Pierce Lab)

University of Oxford (Benson Lab)


Erin Sheehy (Class of 2021 at Tulane)

Erin is a Senior at Tulane University studying Environmental Biology. She studied abroad in Tropical North Queensland, Australia the Fall of 2019, where she studied great bowerbirds and practiced sea turtle husbandry. In her sophomore year, she assisted with research in the Karubian lab at Tulane by assessing camera trap footage taken in Ecuador to study tropical palm seed dispersal.

She is interested in behavioral ecology, tropical ecology, and conservation. Ultimately, she plans to attend graduate school and conduct research focused on ecosystem interactions and conservation efforts. In the Hedrick lab, she is working with CT scan data and learning geometric morphometrics and phylogenetic comparative methods.

Karine Abazajian (Class of 2022 at Tulane)

Kara is an ecology and evolutionary biology major from Houston, Texas. Her interests include, but are not limited to insect biology and marine and freshwater biology. She has participated in community-based projects on salamander ecology.

In the Hedrick lab, she is working with CT scan data of bird and bat limb bones with the goal of measuring internal bone geometry and comparing morphological disparity between these two volant groups.

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Brandon P. Hedrick

Louisiana State University

Health Sciences Center

School of Medicine

Department of Cell Biology & Anatomy

New Orleans LA, USA

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